One of the most important accessories to a cyclists collection, is often the most overlooked, and also the simplist.  The Water Bottle.  A high quality water bottle, one that doesnt leak on you, or drip sugary sports drinks, or your valuable custom nutrition/hydration mix all over your brakes, doesn't have to be expensive or hard to find!  I would look all over, trying to find affordable water bottles that I can toss at a race if need be, but also ones that didn't leak all over my bike!  So, for our water bottle collection, we went right to the best.  The Specialized Purist.  High flow, with a tight seal, these 20 OZ bottle are the perfect size to swing your leg over for a rear mounted hydration system, or to fit in your standard cages, and front mount hydration as well! Available in 4 bold colors to match you, your personality, and most importantly... Your Bicycle Makeover! Every makeover package will include one bottle in the color of your choice, with the option to purchase others at a discount!  Stock up, on whats sure to be your go to bottle in both training and racing!

Bicycle Makeover Water Bottle

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