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Complete Custom Vinyl-Wrapped Bikes
Creative and Innovative Designs
Professional Repairs
Prompt Shipping and Fast Turnarounds



Ever have "bike envy"? Of course you have.  It's that feeling when you pull up to a race and see that hot new bike you read about in your magazine. It looks even sweeter in person. Or you show up at that local group ride and everyone is out on their shiny new rides that you've been hearing about. With Bicycle Makeover, your one-of-a-kind dream bike can be done for a FRACTION of the cost of a new bike. We handle all of this at competitive pricing with quick turnaround times. Because we are athletes first and understand the needs, wants and demands of a schedule full of training, racing, work and LIFE.


Each bike is a one-of-a-kind work of art

Our goal is to design a bike that matches your personality. Along the way, we communicate with you personally to make sure we meet (and surpass) all of your expectations. We also schedule a time for you to ship the bike to our Long Island, NY facility. Once received, our skilled staff immediately goes to work on your bike. We strip the bike down to the bare frame., clean and inspect all parts, and recommend replacing those parts that are worn or not up to snuff.  Once you've signed off on the final design and the bike has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for damage, we begin the wrap process. We painstakingly go over every square inch of the frame, hand cutting each piece to properly place on the bike. After the bike is complete, we reassemble it with new or replacement parts, inspect, torque, and tune it to perfect condition. In a couple of days, you'll have your ride back better than ever. Now it's your turn to be the object of "bike envy."   



What started as one man's desire to have a bike that he wouldn't see in the transition rack has turned into a passion for building gorgeous, custom works  of art. Richie Caiazza is a triathlete who has always customized his rides. In the beginning, he wanted to change his Felt IA FRD from black and red to black and green to match his team colors. When the paint job that he paid good money for came out sub-par, he searched for a better, less expensive (and less permanent) option. He hired a vinyl company to do the job, but once again, wasn't satisfied with the results. Since it is a very time consuming consuming process, Richie realized it would no longer be affordable to have a vinyl company spend the hours necessary to achieve the results he wanted, There had to be a better way.  And that's when he taught himself to vinyl wrap bikes, developing specialty tools and bike racks to accommodate his needs. When it was all said and done, Richie was wrapping several bikes a week for the athletes he coached. Bicycle Makeover was officially born. It is now the only bike customizing option that allows you to maintain your factory warranty, while still being able to let your personality shine through. The cost is far less than most people think, and turnaround time is days... not weeks.  Making it a more viable option for today's time-crunched, active lifestyle!




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