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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

From start to finish the entire process (design, shipping and application) can range from vie days for a basic or premium color change to 10 days for a custom color change. Not all custom designs take 10 days, but the more adjustments we make to a design to get it perfect for you, the longer it takes!

How much is shipping?

Shipping can vary in price depending on the carrier. UPS is our preferred carrier, and round trip will usually be around $150-200. This cost is in addition to the cost of your makeover.

How long will I be without my bike?

Once you ship your bike, it could take as many as five days for your bike to get to our facility on Long Island, New York, depending on the distance of shipping and level of shipping service you choose. 

Am I able to make electronic upgrades? 

YES! We have developed some great relationships with vendors and manufacturers and can offer electronic upgrades, as well as power meter installations, aero bar upgrades and wheel upgrades.

How do I clean the bike once it's done?

Unlike paint, vinyl has great scratch resistance and continues to show luster and depth without the need for waxing. A damp cloth can easily get most dirt and dust off, and grease can be removed simply with a high-quality citrus degreaser.

Will having a bike makeover void the warranty of my new bike?

Since there is nothing abrasive done to the frame to get the vinyl to adhere to the surface of the bike, Bicycle Makeover does not void your manufacturer's warranty. With the application of the vinyl, it actually provides impact protection from stones and other road debris, giving luster and depth, in a full custom design with unlimited color and design options.  

I dropped my bike and my vinyl got scratched! What do I do?

Not to worry! Included with every makeover are extra pieces of the materials we wrapped your bike in! Simply cut out the frayed edges with a xacto knife, razor blade or sharp object of your choice (careful when cutting out edges with razor blades!) clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Cut the replacement piece to a size bigger than the damaged area, apply to area, and heat up with a hair dryer to make sure it cures to the existing vinyl.

I want to remove the vinyl for resale. Do I have to send it back?

It's easy to remove the vinyl yourself. A little time, effort, elbow grease and a heat gun or hair dryer can take it off. The hotter the better, so you can avoid the risk of peeling the clear coat when you remove it.

How do I get my bike to you?

Your local bike shop typically has several cardboard bike boxes they will gladly give to you for no charge. You can either have your bike shop pack and ship the bike to us for a fee, or you can do it yourself with some foam pipe insulation and packing tape from your local hardware store. If you break down your bike yourself, make sure you have a torque wrench to reassemble your bike, or have your local bike shop reassemble it. 

I just had my bike fit done. How do I make sure it will come back the same way?

Before I started Bicycle Makeover, I was a competitive triathlete, as well as a triathlon coach. So I completely understand the need for a professional, comprehensive bike fitter. That being said, I take my time to note any and all fit related measurements such as saddle height, handlebar spacing, and aero bar location and angles. You can rest assured that you will get your bike back in the same position, or marked on those parts that need to be reassembled upon your rides return.


How do I know my bike will be built back up to manufacturer specs?

As with the bike fitting issue, the same goes for your mechanical build up. We clean and inspect all parts when we disassemble the bike, and recommend any and all replacement parts before we rebuild. We use a torque wrench to tighten all parts to the required torque specs, and have a 50-point checklist of items to make sure your ride is race ready upon completion. That being said... I am not a bicycle mechanic! I highly recommend having your local bike shop double check any and all parts upon arrival before hitting the road. 


How do I get started?

Simply send a deposit of $150 to start the design process. From there, we design your bike on Adobe Photoshop with the colors and design of your choice. Once we agree on designs and colors, you sign off on the emailed proof, send back the signed agreement, and drop it at UPS!

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